Pregnancy Discrimination Can Affect a Worker’s Job Prospects in New York and Nationwide

A Washington, D.C. law firm has reportedly agreed to settle a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit filed on behalf of a female attorney for $18,000. According to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), James E. Brown & Associates, P.L.L.C. interviewed a woman for an associate position with the firm in November 2010. At the time of the interview, the woman did not disclose that she was four months pregnant. Two months later, the law firm purportedly made an offer of employment to the attorney. After the attorney disclosed that she was six months pregnant and made an inquiry regarding the law firm’s maternity leave policy, the firm allegedly rescinded the offer.

After the pregnant attorney filed a complaint with the EEOC, the Commission sued the law firm for alleged violations of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act in U.S. District Court. As part of a settlement arrangement, the firm agreed to pay $18,000 to the attorney and implement a two-year anti-discrimination policy. In addition, the firm is also required to provide anti-discrimination training to all of its workers. Lynette A. Barnes, Regional Attorney for the EEOC’s Charlotte, North Carolina District Office said the settlement should remind employers that stereotypes about pregnant workers may not be used to make employment decisions. She also stated that no worker should be forced to choose between working and motherhood.

Employers in New York and throughout the country are prohibited from treating a pregnant worker in a negative manner due to her pregnancy or a medical condition that is related to her pregnancy. Sadly, pregnancy discrimination still occurs quite often. In many cases, discriminatory behavior against a pregnant worker is not always easy to identify. An employer who refuses to accommodate a pregnant employee, a supervisor who disciplines, demotes, or terminates a pregnant worker over a pregnancy-related medical leave request, or a situation in which an employee’s opportunity to move up in the company is impacted by her pregnancy status constitute pregnancy discrimination. Additionally, a circumstance where a worker is not hired as a direct result of her pregnancy is also discrimination. If you were the victim of workplace discrimination as a result of your pregnancy status, you should discuss your rights with an experienced lawyer.

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