New York Women Allege Same-Sex Harassment by Manager in Two Separate Lawsuits

A sexual harassment lawsuit was recently filed against the National Association of Professional Women in New York. According to a complaint filed in Federal District Court in Central Islip, four women claim their former manager at the women’s networking group engaged in same-sex harassment. The women stated they were verbally harassed as well as grabbed, pinched, and touched inappropriately by a female supervisor. The lawsuit alleges that each woman was fired or forced to quit her job after complaining about the manager’s behavior. In addition, a similar case was filed by a fifth complainant in a Nassau County state court earlier this year.

The four alleged victims in the federal case also claim that their paychecks were illegally docked in violation of state law. In their lawsuit, they asked the court to certify a class-action on behalf of a larger group of employees who allegedly had bonuses and commissions unlawfully withheld by the organization.

According to a statement issued by the National Association of Professional Women, the sexual harassment claims are unfounded and each alleged victim was fired for documented violations or job duty deficiencies. The organization also stated an independently conducted investigation revealed no truth to the allegations.

Workplace sexual harassment in New York City and elsewhere occurs when a worker is threatened with demotion, termination, or other penalties for refusing a superior or co-worker’s unwelcome sexual advances. Although most forms of sexual harassment are associated with heterosexual relationships, an increasing number of same-sex harassment complaints have been filed in recent years. Still, the problem has existed for a long time. In fact, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission data states that the number of same-gender harassment charges has doubled over the last five years.

Oftentimes, sexual harassment is about exerting power over an employee. Examples of same-sex harassment may include intimidation, verbal taunts, lewd jokes, and flirting. Workers who were victims of same-sex or other workplace sexual harassment may be entitled to recover financial compensation from their current or former employer for the harm inflicted upon them at work. If you feel you were sexually harassed by a supervisor or co-worker, you should discuss your situation with a skilled employment attorney.

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