Male-on-Male Sexual Harassment in a New York Workplace

It has been hard to miss the recent headlines involving a major director and producer being accused of sexual abuse and harassment by several women. Indeed, what initially seemed like a single incident quickly turned into a series of allegations, each corroborated by a number of other victims who gathered the courage to come forward and discuss what they were put through.When it comes to discussing sexual harassment or abuse, it is not uncommon for additional victims to come forward once the first claim is made against an alleged harasser. To be sure, sexual harassment and sexual abuse are both extreme violations of a person’s dignity, and openly discussing one’s victimhood is something that someone must be ready to handle.

In the past, society has inexcusably allowed a stigma to attach to victims of sexual abuse or harassment. This perceived stigma attaches to all types of New York sexual harassment and abuse, including allegations involving male victims and male perpetrators.

Actor Discusses Harassment in the Fashion Industry

Earlier this month, an actor known for his role in the Hercules television series told one podcast host that he was a victim of sexual harassment. According to a recent news report, the actor explained that he was contacted by a world-famous fashion designer in relation to an upcoming fashion campaign. The designer invited the young actor over for several dinner parties, each with fewer and fewer guests. One day, it was just the actor and the designer. The two talked about the upcoming opportunity for the young actor to be involved in a fashion campaign over dinner.

At one point, the designer slid his hand up the actor’s leg. The actor resisted, telling the designer that he was not interested. In response, the designer tried to pressure the actor into changing his mind. Eventually, the night ended, and the two went on to have a cordial relationship, but the actor was not asked to participate in the designer’s fashion campaign.

Sexual harassment is considered sex discrimination. Under New York Human Rights Law § 296.1, discrimination based on “age, race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, military status, sex, disability, predisposing genetic characteristics, familial status, marital status, or domestic violence victim status” is illegal and does not need to be tolerated. However, this type of abuse occurs every day, across the United States, in all industries, and it will continue to occur unless it is reported.

Men, like women, have a right to be free from unwanted physical touching and harassment while in the workplace. Indeed, the laws protect men just as strongly as they protect women. Anyone who has been a victim of New York workplace sexual harassment should consult with a dedicated New York employment attorney.

Have You Been a Victim of Sexual Abuse or Harassment While on the Job?

If you have recently been a victim of sexual abuse or harassment, you should consult with the dedicated team of New York same-sex harassment attorneys at Phillips & Associates. At Phillips & Associates, we represent New York City residents in a wide range of workplace discrimination lawsuits involving sexual harassment, including hostile work environment claims. The harassment and abuse will not stop unless the victims speak up. We are here to amplify your voice when you decide it is time. Call 212-248-7431 to schedule a free consultation with an attorney today.

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