Celebrities Take a Stand Against Sexual Harassment and Abuse at the Golden Globes Ceremony

The past few months have seen a marked and much-needed shift in the attitudes of many people in Hollywood, as countless instances of celebrity sexual harassment and abuse have been revealed. Indeed, according to a recent news report, last week’s Golden Globe ceremony saw many of the Hollywood elite donning all black to express their solidarity with the #MeToo movement. Just like people who have been harassed in Hollywood, people in New York City have the right to bring New York sexual harassment claims when they have been victimized by wrongful conduct.The #MeToo movement was started in October of last year by social activist Tarana Burke. After Burke created the hashtag, many well-known actresses encouraged their followers to tweet their own stories of sexual harassment or abuse. Since then, the movement has expanded to many other industries and pulled away the curtain in front of sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace.

While it is not the only industry in which women have faced decades of sexual abuse, harassment, and unequal pay, the entertainment industry has been on the forefront of vocalizing that the previously tolerated practice will no longer be accepted. During last week’s Golden Globe ceremony, host Seth Meyers opened the show by denouncing one famous producer recently accused of engaging in rampant sexual assault and harassment over the past several decades.

The theme of bringing sexual assault and harassment to light continued throughout the evening’s awards, with many actors and actresses denouncing the culture that permitted celebrity sexual abuse to continue despite the fact that many were aware of what was going on. Often, the abuse was committed by individuals in a powerful position over the abused. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, Hollywood has vowed to end the pervasive culture of sexism that permitted the abuse to occur. Additionally, Hollywood executives have agreed to close the gender pay gap in the entertainment industry, making sure that actors and actresses are paid equally, regardless of their gender.

Celebrity Sexual Assault and Harassment

It goes without saying that sexual assault and sexual harassment are not appropriate in any workplace. Of course, this includes the entertainment industry. However, due to the nature of the way the industry is structured, with actors and actresses rarely qualifying as an “employee,” those who have engaged in these practices in the past have faced little accountability. However, given the strides made by the #MeToo movement, as well as countless others, the culture in the entertainment industry is changing, and victims of celebrity sexual assault or harassment can now more easily seek justice for what they have been put through.

Are You a Victim of Abuse?

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